@Luke5SOS: In the studio :-)
credit to @alliesaurousREX http://t.co/cn8XezDNmA

FINALLY! WINGS by hit 100 MILLION views on VEVO.

Little Mix is the FIRST UK girlband to EVER get a VEVO certified and the SECOND overall.

Putting out my first single was just such a cool experience because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I remember putting the physical CD singles into envelopes to mail out to radio, with my mom." - Taylor Swift

iHeartRadio: Road to Vegas



Luke performing at school.

THERE will never be a time I dont reblog this 

@Calum5SOS: Luke was killed in my dream last night. I killed the guy who killed him


5SOS at MTV VMAs | On Air with Ryan Seacrest